But the greatest patrimony of Rio is the carioca. As the writer Fernando Sabino wrote: "Carioca is a state of mind." Carioca is relaxed, spontaneous, natural, clapping for the sunset on the beach, hose bathing on the slab, flirting with music, cinema, art and photography.The Christ Redeemer with open arms to the Guanabara Bay, from where the boats and ships arrived in the past, send the warm and receptive spirit of the Carioca to all those who arrive in the city.

"Olha o mate, olha o biscoito Globo!"

The classic phrase is announced daily by the sellers of one of the tastiest traditions of the city. The mate of gallon and the biscuit Globo have been present in the sands of Rio de Janeiro for almost 40 years. Whether it's in Lapa, Ipanema mornings or Arpoador sunset, being in the wonderful city is having contact with one of the happiest and most receptive people in the country and the world. As it says in the hymn of the city, Rio is the "Earth that seduces all" and a "Nest of dream and light".

We look forward to seeing you in November in the Marvelous City!

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