What is the difference between IBMR and IBMR MUN?

IBMR is a high education institution owned by Laureate International Universities, which is the greatest supporter and sponsor of IBMR MUN, but it does not have any administrative or legal conections with the event. Thus, internal issues of IBMR MUN must be analyzed by the event staff.

How do I apply individually?

In order to apply individually, the delegate shall access the link and fill in the blanks as provided by the Form A. Registration Fee is R$70, and FORM A must be filled once. In case of more than one application, the last one will be considered, and others will be automatically deleted.

What is Form A?

Form A is the first form to be filled, so that delegate can pay the application fee.

What is Form B?

After payment, the delegate will receive, by email, the Form B, which aims to question the delegate preferences regarding committees and countries. Thereby, the secretariat will be able to allocate him/her according to his/her choices. 

How can I pay the Fees?

The payment will be made through an online platform, the Sympla, which allows the delegate to pay in credit card. More information will be provided during the aplication process guidelines.

Has IBMR MUN 2019 an Official Hotel?

V IBMR MUN's official hotel is Ibis Barra da Tijuca, and you can know more about it here.

I decided not going anymore, can I get reimbursed??

IBMR MUN does not provide reimbursements.

Does IBMR MUN provide support for visa issues?

Yes, IBMR MUN provides support for visa applicants, if necessary and requested.

What is CADV?

CADV means 'Traveling Delegate Support Center' (PtBr: Centro de Apoio ao Delegado Viajante). It is an office, which aims to help those delegades from abroad with information and advices, as air tickets, general doubts, bus tickets, airport and visa issues, among others. CADV can be contacted here.

Does IBMR MUN provide certificate?

Yes, IBMR MUN provides Certificate for all delegates who attend the event in at least 80% o the sections.

In case of more questions, please contact us.

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