VI Edition

The IBMR MUN was conceived from the desire of International Affairs students from Centro Universitário IBMR, to promote integration and the development of students in a negoatiation environment. Through simulation, our Model helps  you familiarized with the diplomatic practice, conecting studends, academics, professionals and civil society agents from multiple regions.


The year of 2020 brought a new international conjucture, and with it, new challenges. With that in mind, the VI edition of IBMR MUN will be cyber-futuristic themed. According to Forbes, internet usage grew between  50% and 70% during the pandemic, where most jobs, meeting, classes, dates - among other things -, started being done remotely. The practicity and ease provided by the cyber-world also bring concerns regarding security and privacy of individuals. This edition, we hope our delegates debate about the new scenario we are currently living and find solutions capable of turning the cybernetic world and the future a safer place.